Cookies Policy


This policy explains how we use cookies, which we use to optimize the user experience when browsing our site and for statistical purposes.


Cookies are data information, in particular small text files that can be stored in the terminal equipment's service. They are sent to the machine's service during his first visit to our website, and then let's identify the device during each subsequent visit.

Cookies usually contain the domain name of the website from which they come, the time store them on a terminal device and a unique number. Cookies generally do not contain any personal data, however, can store personal information such as the name (login) of the user. Cookies allow you to read the information contained therein only to the server that created them. The user device provides the information contained in cookies only web site from which they are derived.


Cookies have multiple uses. can be used to store the user name and his personal preferences, the analysis of the functionality of our website, or even to suggest to you content that we think is most valuable for him.


According to the criterion of sustainability there are two basic types used by us cookies:

  • Session cookies are temporary, are stored in the terminal equipment of the User to the time you leave the Website, disable browser or logout of Service

  • Permanent cookies are stored in the device's time specified in the parameters of cookies or until they are manually deleted by the user. Their function was to identify new and existing service users.

According to the purpose for which cookies are used, we use:

  • Necessary cookies that allow you to browse our website and use of its functions;

  • cookies to improve performance - gathering information on the use by the User of the service - eg. that the parties are frequently visited by the user

  • Functional cookies to allow the user to remember your personal settings, for example. allow you to store a user name (login) the user would not need to be replenished during each visit to the site

  • Statistical cookies for compiling statistics on our site.

An entry via our website cookies can also be used by cooperating with our partners and advertisers.


Typically, web browsers by default, allow the storage of cookies. Service users may, however, at any time to change your cookie settings in particular that of turning off their service. Disabling cookies may affect the full or proper functioning of the service.

Depending on your web browser, further instructions manage cookies can be found at:

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